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September 2017

  September 2017 Enjoy September's Medizen Deeper Peace article, Waiting to Exhale, and as always, Micro-Yoga© audio, video and written practice to get you started....but first, learn something new! Language: Did You Know? Witnessing is a non dual activity. It's...

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Yoga Outdoors Schedule & Retreats

Yoga Outdoors Schedule Yoga Hike at Sugarloaf Ridge State Park Sunday, September 24, 2017 9:30 am-12pm Register in advance and parking is INCLUDED! Please note, this is a SUNDAY offering for September instead of the usual Saturday. Sign up! Need more time to plan?...

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Aroma Workshops & Tips

Aroma Tip Ready to hit the re-set button? Spring detox is here! Watch, listen and learn what I keep with me when I want to hit the reset button. Whether it's new moon, new you or spring cleaning for your energetic body/mind/emotional state of being, learn how I feed...

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