Aroma & Sound Healing Restorative Yoga Workshop

April 21, 2018 12:30-2:30pm
Yoga Tree SF, 6th Ave location

Details and registration here!

It’s back again! This time with sound healing. Enjoy this self care workshop with my signature aromas custom blended for this unique experience plus enjoy Sam’s sound healing with both acutonics and pure vocal vibrations. Let the poems and mantras (as sung by Sam) wash away stress and guide your inner awakening to feel refreshed, relaxed and rejuvinated with this special offering. More details on website under workshops. Or click here to register and get ready to restore and renew your spirit!

Aroma Tip

Ready to hit the re-set button? Spring detox is here!

Watch, listen and learn what I keep with me when I want to hit the reset button. Whether it’s new moon, new you or spring cleaning for your energetic body/mind/emotional state of being, learn how I feed the body and nurture the emotional body. Shift happens…


Ready to start 2018? Or have you the winter blahs?

Watch, listen and learn what I keep with me when I want to celebrate my creative ability to make things happen in 2018. Get motivated and get moving…in the right direction of course, as this has a flip side as well. Be cautious when you set your intention. Clear for a fresh start!

Ready to let go? Fall detox is always a favorite for the body, but what about your home?

Watch, listen and learn what I do when I want to make a fresh start. All in less time than it takes for your Kuerig to make your morning home brew!

Spring cleaning is done, now how to go inward to begin a new?

June is a time for a new season to begin, and perhaps consider if you’d like to create a new practice? Have you tried meditating? Or yoga? Or what about just trying something new and just ‘sit’? Hope with this month’s aroma tip video you’ll be sitting pretty..or at least just smelling that way! Enjoy!


Can you “fig”ure out what’s coming into season?

“May” you enjoy learning a little more more about this superstar plant and hopefully get curious about learning, or perhaps just eating, more of them as they coming into season. Spring has sprung!

Figure it out! from susan on Vimeo.

Sip and Savor Earth Day is every day!

Enjoy this how-to brew and create your own tea ritual. One cup at a time without the bags to lighten up on Mother Earth!

Speaking of light, as we return to more and more daylight hours of it, remember the importance of rest and rituals, that often contain light. Spring specials for ‘tea light’ candles are on!

Aroma products and consultations are here.

Spring 2017

Returning to the light…natural light that is! The spring equinox is March 21st. Can you sense the abundance and celebrate? Whatever your sitting practice is (or more formal meditation) candles are a perfect way to calm the seeing eyes and turn your gaze inward toward your intuition. Curious to sense what is the perfect aroma blend is for you to welcome in the new season and spring forward into new beginnings? Make a wish…and drop me a line! With so many candle sizes and smells to choose from, there’s help to find the perfect fit.


abundance 6th chakra candle

Winter 2016

Fall in love with yourself care routine this month! Keep the cold at bay with a warming and inviting blend of custom aroma products. Perfect for you and customize your experience today!

peppermint tea

October 2015

Hope you fall in love with this oldie but goody plant. In fall the wind is blowing and our joints are needing movement and lubrication. Check out this video to see what we can do about it. And stay tuned, for next month we talk again about why it’s important, as the old adage goes, teach a man to fish he….to be continued.


September 2015

How to stay balanced through the transition from summer to autumn? Besides looking forward to when we finally get to turn the clocks back to have a 25 hour day to get more stuff done! Check out the new Micro-Yoga© for Aromatic self care video this month!

August 2015

How to stay cool through the dog days of summer? Besides enjoying down dog, up dog, flip your dog, and of course with a hot dog! Check out the new Micro-Yoga© for Aromatic self care videos. New this month!

Previous Workshops

Aroma Workshop

Aroma Workshop offered at Yoga Tree Valencia

September 18, 2016. Aroma Yoga Workshop at Yoga Tree Valencia. Registration is closed. Thank you all for attending. Look for the next Aroma Workshop soon!

Interested? Email and you’ll be the 1st to know once it’s announced!

Aroma + Gentle Yoga

Aof E rocks green background Friday, May 8th
at Lion Heart Yoga, Kenwood

Celebrate Mother Earth this Mother’s Day weekend, with this self care  workshop dedicated to YOU!

Rest, unwind and relax.
Experience the gentle yoga poses that can help you feel better as well as  exploring which aromas, or custom blend, can clear your mind and help you breathe better.

$30, RSVP to register or through Lion Heart Yoga by calling 707.337.5127

* Gift certificates are available. Please note, Lion Heart Yoga only accepts cash and check.

Valentine’s Day

Aroma + Yoga Workshop 2-4pm

Yoga Community in Sonoma, CA


Aroma Happy Holiday Event 11/23

10am – 4:30pm

170 Liberty School Road, Petaluma CA 94952

Come see what holiday self care items are available, I will also have gift certificates for yoga/meditation and products there too!

Aromatriangle at work sign Happy Hours 10/24

FREE Workplace Wellness 
Open to Work Petaluma members and the public.

Breathe. Find your own unique blend of what plants help support your body/mind/spirit. Learn to listen to your heart. Hear your soul sing.

Discover what plant registers in what way with the body. Begin to develop a way to listen and learn the language of plant based wisdom.  The sense of smelling plant based aromas, herbs, spices and teas will be explored on your own in this Workplace wellness happy hour experience. 

3pm-5pm Friday Octber 24th at Work Petaluma.

Want a more individualized consultation and experience?
Email to set an appointment.
Holidays are “om”ing….Art of Relaxation special promotion: $20*

* 25 minute intro experience includes custom micro-product aroma, 10 min yoga meditation and breathing practice.