October 2017

Enjoy October’s Medizen Deeper Peace article, Waiting to Exhale, and as always, Micro-Yoga© audio, video and written practice to get you started….but first, learn something new!

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Witnessing is a non dual activity. It’s a strange concept, but in the ancient yoga practice of Yoga Nidra, this is where we are. Not separate from, but not involved and attached to our story (that only compounds upon stories).

Learning to unwind the subconscious mind is an art and a skill to allow the humble ego to shed it’s armor and melt into the heart of the practice. Patience may be the theme or topic for your time on the mat (and in life), but this timeless presence that is in essence your true self, is always there.

Let this month’s Medizen (Deeper) Peace article, Waiting to Exhale, be just that. Learning to embrace balance without gripping or holding on to any object (person/place/thing) or inhale too long! Allowing grace to arrive spontaneously at any given moment, just as the exhale follows the inhale, enjoy a moment where you are filled with that grace, prana and let go. Naturally!

Inspiration: Belonging is a river not a goal. Every point is holy– but you cannot linger there…

Waiting to Exhale

Earth is spinning, hearts are filling their summer with her abundant light, food, living on the land of the brave with the collective community of conscious sentient beings. Uniting together through the miles of smiles. Whether they be human hands or hearts of the wild animals, the plants, places and spaces we touch and travel to and from afar, the summer is winding down. The earth will being to rest, but first the fall harvest is yet to come into fruition. It’s amazing to sense, taste, touch, smell, listen and see all the beauty has truly yet to begin.

We as human, ones that roam (and roast to you sun lovers 🙂 ) all over the planet see the end of summer as the returning back to school, commitments, responsibilities, list goes on from here. What if the end of this month marked the beginning instead of returning o same old same old. Letting nature and the rhythm of great green and blue ball of all elements guide our true spirit to “yogify” connect within our hearts, her and each other?

This is the time she is filled to capacity with everything just waiting  to give, the final days of summer in anticipation of the cosmic roar (pranava in Sanskrit). Exhale if you will.

When all of the summer’s sunny days has provided for such bounty to carry us through until spring 2018 begins the new growth cycle.

Perhaps give back, or share or celebrate this amazing miracle called plant, plan(e)t, life. Where we co-participate in the expression of her health and well-being. Choose wisdom, through the ages, the earth has had many more cycles of life that you or I (whether you believe in that or not), billions of them and when I take a moment to step back, it truly is awesome. Literally mind blowing, and breath taking.

Thank goodness for the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) that spirit of greatness that doesn’t allow me to let my fear or amazement end this body form existence here by forcing prana, life force, back into my lungs, heart and blood running through my form to keep me connected and remembering there is a greater sense of purpose, humbling the ego gripping and rendering it humble.

All of nature waiting to exhale, pranava (cosmic roar), and give to all that which is freely available. What is your abundance? Bounty? What makes you feel connected? Humble (ego)? Full?

Perhaps take a moment to reflect back to springtime and sense how he seeds you placed in your conscious awareness comes fully into the harvest this earth cycle? Without judgement or tapping into the ego-s trigger point for a dharma joust as my teacher Ana Forrest cleverly calls this battle that can be skillfully worked with by noticing and harnessing the spanda/pulsation, or the cosmic roar, pranava, into seeing the glimpses of the goodness that shined through all the hurt, pain, sorrow, shattered and split parts and pieces within our external environment and also within our own inner churning of who we “think” (aka ego) we are.

Dropping the story, can we get our breathing a little bigger, I often ask myself when I get a bigger head spin than this 1,450,000,000,000,000,000 tons of 3rd rock hurling through space around the sun, what part of this can I let go of?

Yes, waiting to exhale.

Compost those feelings causing my separation from Gaia. Instead, can I see them as fertilizer where she can absorb and transform what is detritus into the most amazing bounty we have yet to see in the coming month, two or three?

This is the great silence. The truth that the pause after the exhale provides the answer to which there lies the question: what are you waiting for? Nothing, the paradox is clear.

You are your own “story”. Source of being just because you are. Here. On purpose On time. Waiting to exhale is the compassion needed to transform your final shedding to reveal that which we all often forget, we are one. One place. One planet. One people. The individualism is how we express our heart’s purpose. What lights us up is what lives through us as our experience is in human form but that impermanence is not imperfection, it’s ego’s illusion, that you are is enough

Be. Shine. Abundance is free. Live to connect within your own soul self. Shine that which makes you want ot be more together not separate from the Earth, plants, animals, people. Spaces that feel you. When we arrive we know we are home. That’s why this journey is not about the destination. Because it is home. The moment you return back to your breath.

Earth provided the air and animation to continue your being here and now. How great is that? Inspiring? Well, let’s celebrate that together with her, as this month best describes summer fun, go out and play. Touch the sand, swing from the trees, float down the river. Give gratitude to all that is. From my humble heart to yours, thank you for being you and part of Earth’s life supporting each other to just breathe.

Aho and Namaste,


Micro-Yoga© to watch, listen and enjoy…


Warm up to wonder with this morning stretch from susan.

Breathe and celebrate your connection to the earth and water elements.


Try this practice right now to see how you go with breathing:

Close your eyes, or lay down and close your eyes. Take a full lung capacity breath and then slowly exhale. As if you were exhaling through a straw. Pause and enjoy another full lung capacity breath.

Notice did the rib cage expand more? Did the inhale tidal volume of air increase?

When we place our attention on our intention we can feel the subtleties of moment to moment prana (breath) flow. The thoughts in the mind start to quell and the breath, prana/life force, becomes all that there is.