What to Expect at Your First Class/Session

Cairn no outlineSo you are ready to take the first step. Congratulations!

Just arriving at this point is like a leap of faith, you know somewhere deep down inside you that you need to find that place that is calm and balanced.

Q: What to wear?
A: Comfortable clothing.
If this is a custom program, please wear clothing that is appropriate to the environment. If we are starting outside in nature, or the comfort of your own home, choose clothing appropriate to that space.

Q: What do I need to bring/have with me?
A: Bring yourself!
I have props and mats (and aromas as appropriate) I bring depending on the lesson plan prepared. When choosing an outdoor guided adventure, less burdens the better, as I adapt postures and poses to fit you. This is about honoring where you are today in any given space. The custom experience is about you feeling better, more balanced and peaceful from where we started.

Please plan to arrive on time for your appointment/class so you won’t have to stress. If that means setting your watch (or smart phone) 10 min fast so you can chill when you arrive, then do it!

Until then….
Enjoy this Micro-Yoga™ written 2 minute guided meditation to get you started…

Let yourself be ready for first yoga breath by sitting comfortably, or laying down in the grass. Place your hands gently in your lap or if you choose to lay down, place your left hand on your heart and place your right hand on your belly.

Close your eyes. Gently smile. Feel the stress melt into the points of contact with the earth.
Inhale into your hands, exhale and sense the breath flowing from the points of contact with the earth down into the earth.

Repeat the breathing process: Inhale into your loving kind hands, exhale into the points of contact with the loving kind earth. Sense the breath returning all sensations of holding stress or tension lovingly back to the earth.

Enjoy as many breaths as necessary to feel the heartbeat of your own joyous heart return to a place of stillness, calm and balance.