Intro to Yoga Workshop

micro yoga stack of rocksThis workshop is to demystify yoga. Learn the basics and the beginnings of how yoga can integrate into your daily life. From history to anatomy, meditation to movement, and beyond the basics to discover what you always wanted to know about yoga.

Enjoy an individual session at a discounted rate* to apply what you have learned and start to develop what style or practice is best for you to maintain, or regain, your personal choices for a vibrant and healthy body/mind/spiritual existence.

Whether you enjoy the health benefits from a purifying ‘working up a sweat’ practice in the body, or an hour of just sitting or laying down in complete stillness to rest the mind and body, the yogic path has many options to explore and enjoy.

Please join me for this workshop to answer your questions on where to begin the process of taking the next step into your own health by experiencing how to care for your true Self.

The body is a marvelous gateway to understand the mind, so test the waters. Make a splash, and get ready to dive in. Yoga is a wellness pond that always makes room for more to enjoy. Just remember to always come up for air, and take care of your Self.

*Location varies. Depending on the group that organized the workshop, follow up group sessions may be available. See individual appointments for rates and promotions, as this is being offered as a private one-on-one package as well in person or via Skype.