Zen Desk Yoga at Work

Micro-Yoga is the experience we all need for a few moments to reboot.
Check out this free 2 minute video of Micro-Yoga. Allow yourself the 2-5 minute change of pace with this yoga at work practice. Enjoy!

Work Petaluma members:
Want to experience it “en vivo” instead of “in tivo”?
En Vivo Special for first timers: 20 minutes $20

Want more?
Stressed out over a project? Need more than just a Micro-Yoga moment?
Guided meditation and yoga are a way to reboot the nervous system when you need to reboot the computer. Send susan@buildyourpeace.com an email before a melt down.
30 min yoga express can restart your heart and soothe the mind into being more focused and productive. Got more time? Custom sessions available as well. List of programs and packages available here.

Bring this to your work
For a sample of what the benefits are in a real and experiential way, please contact susan@buildyourpeace.com and schedule an office demo for your work organization today!